Known for its wild lands and its huge archaeological heritage, the Sinis Peninsula is the ideal setting for snorkeling and diving lovers, but also for those who look for calm and uncrowded beaches. Within the Marine Protected Area "Penisola del Sinis - Isola di mal di Ventre", the whole area within the municipality of Cabras is particularly preserved and controlled, in order to safeguard a territory so precious and unique in its kind.

In a stretch of Sardinia where the traditions and the love for the land are well rooted for centuries, anyone who decides to visit the Sinis Peninsula  can feel at home. From the ancient city of Tharros to peaceful beaches, this enchanting place offers a wide range of outdoor activities. Those who like to be in close contact with nature can do trekking and excursions in the territory, water sports and bike routes, birdwatching, visits to archaeological and historical sites, participations to local and folkloristic events and much more.


Protected and preserved by the Marine Protected Area, the beaches are characterised by the so-called "rice grains" or "quartz grains". The origin of this type of sand dates back to about 600 million years ago, when a continuous process of erosion of the granite rocks of the Island of Mal di Ventre began. Today, thanks to this natural evolution, we can admire the peaceful white beaches of Is Arutas, Mari Ermi and Maimoni.

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