Breakfasts, ice creams, aperitifs, sandwiches,
and quick meals.

The Bar offers moments of pure relax with tables and chairs directly on the beach at guests' disposal. Thanks to our qualified staffcareful of the customer's needs, the Café guarantees the utmost comfort for a holiday of leisure and full peace.

The Bar also offers a wide selection of breakfasts, ice-creams, aperitifs, alcoholic and soft drinks and a wide assortment of sandwiches, snacks and fast meals for those who don’t want to miss a moment on the seaside.

For those who love comfort there is a table service with free Wi-Fi and a wide range of newspapers and magazines.


Feel the breeze of the mistral wind
during a coffee break.

Vento Maestro has a large outdoor porch used for the services of Bar and Restaurant. Thanks to a unique and simple furniture, it will be possible to taste every moment during the day, caressed by a pleasant sea breeze and in company of the harmonious sound of the ocean.


Scan the horizon as you sip a tasty aperitif.

The panoramic terrace is the ideal place to enjoy special moments of relax in the cooler hours and enjoy an excellent aperitif or a warm meal.
Refined and elegant, the terrace offers a big selection of cocktails and typical dishes to assume in company, enjoying an exclusive view of the beach and of the characteristic Spanish tower of San Giovanni di Sinis.


MON - SUN | 10 AM - 4 PM

San Giovanni di Sinis

Cabras (OR) 09072

P. IVA 01132640952